Market Demand & Challenge

Motor vehicle crashes are the most common cause of fatality for the oil and gas extraction worker. Implementing comprehensive motor vehicle safety programs can prevent deaths to workers.

One component of such a program is in-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS) — Video Telematics, which is used to monitor driver behaviors, such…

Offshore telecom operators and O&G companies untap hidden business potential with PointLink Access

Are you servicing or operating in the offshore oil and gas (O&G) industry? Are your personnel working in remote and harsh environments with seabed depths of 1,000m or more, the blackest of nights, limited visibility, or severe storms with high winds and wave heights reaching up to 30m? …

Remote activities are now a norm in our everyday life as the world process is becoming digitalized, the workplace is once again changing and brings changes of where to meet, how to meet and when to meet.

The need to fully integrate video conferencing into our corporate and business environment…

Gigasec Services Limited

We design solutions that enable our clients monitor and control assets and resources in the field from anywhere leveraging on Internet Protocol Technology.

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