Digital Oilfield Untapped Resources

Offshore telecom operators and O&G companies untap hidden business potential with PointLink Access

  • Optimize drilling and improve performance
  • Reduce costs for drilling and other on-site operations
  • Improve fleet and vessel operations
  • Reduce unplanned shutdowns
  • Perform on-time maintenance for key equipment
  • Improve crew morale and retention
  • Increase safety at high-risk sites (geography/security/weather)
  • Minimize environmental concerns
  • Provide higher capacity and more reliable coverage compared to an omni or fixed antenna solution, providing the infrastructure to deliver increased capacity of up to 8 times more (versus non-stabilized, limited omni antenna solutions)
  • Reliably monitor drilling activity, track production and extend the office to offshore oil platforms to deliver improved operational effectiveness
  • Provide reliable connectivity and performance by minimizing interference to zero; the stabilized nature of LTE/4G /Wi-Fi/MW antennas, with the base station as the focal point, ensures that interference coming from various directions (including other network users, signals and even onshore) has little-to-no impact on the intended service experience of offshore sites
  • Maintain communications regardless of movements/motions (location, heave, yaw, pitch and roll) and ensure that service is not affected by environmental factors
  • Avoid costly, often submarine fiber deployments and changes in the terrestrial network
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by replacing expensive satellite connectivity



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Gigasec Services Limited

We design solutions that enable our clients monitor and control assets and resources in the field from anywhere leveraging on Internet Protocol Technology.