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2 min readMar 5, 2021


Market Demand & Challenge

Motor vehicle crashes are the most common cause of fatality for the oil and gas extraction worker. Implementing comprehensive motor vehicle safety programs can prevent deaths to workers.

One component of such a program is in-vehicle monitoring system (IVMS) — Video Telematics, which is used to monitor driver behaviors, such as over speed, harsh brake, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, fatigue driving, distracted driving etc.


In-Vehicle Monitoring System (Video Telematic Option) for Oil & Gas:

  • Video surveillance for evidence: Supports live video monitoring, real time GPS tracking, snapshot base on trigger or schedule
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring: event video clips which can be uploaded to center server base on alarm trigger such as over speed, harsh brake, harsh acceleration, fatigue driving, smoking, phone call during driving, non-distraction driving, collision, lane departure, fuel sensor trigger or product level sensor trigger, panic trigger etc.
  • Telematics features: integrated with customers platform, provide the comprehensive fleet management features
  • Redundant system design: fireproof box for backup recording in case of explosion; UPS for power backup, to ensure the footage is captured.


  • Greatly improve the safety of goods, vehicle, drivers, personnel on-board and the general public
  • Improve truck drivers’ driving behavior
  • Save cost for vehicle maintenance and insurance
  • Provide evidence for incidents and near-miss
  • Well integrated with customers’ FMS, merging all systems into one

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