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2 min readDec 23, 2020


Remote activities are now a norm in our everyday life as the world process is becoming digitalized, the workplace is once again changing and brings changes of where to meet, how to meet and when to meet.

The need to fully integrate video conferencing into our corporate and business environment is a necessity.

A video conference is a visual connection between two or more people in separate location, it provides transmission of high-quality video and pictures between multiple locations with very easy interface.

Define your collaboration strategy and simplify it by deploying a reliable video conferencing solution using Gigasec services to enhance productivity.

Importance of video conferencing:

Connects teams and Improve collaboration with team members even without knowing each other.

Can be installed at your convenient place.

Improve business efficiency by enabling remote management of several activities with little or no physical presence.

Lower travel cost especially for training, seminars and meetings as they can be done using Gigasec video conferencing solution.

Improved communication among team members.

Disadvantages of video conferencing:

Requires high speed internet connection but Gigasec services can solve this problem.

Set-up Considerations:

The following are to be considered when planning for video conferencing solution:

Monitor size and type

Furniture arrangement

Video conferencing system

High speed internet

Video conferencing software vendors:

Video conferencing software are to be used according to compatibility with video conferencing solution equipment.




Webex meetings

Microsoft teams

Google meet



Video conferencing solutions are an excellent way to share information and ideas with the various stakeholders involved in the different parts of your business.

Gigasec services video conference room solution is designed for meetings, training, seminar and to suit your need. For more information, Contact Gigasec services.




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